General Terms and Conditions

The following are the General Terms and Conditions (known as “GTCs”) that apply to the delivery of Services by ABC EXPAT (“ the Company ") to a Client. By using the Service, the Client will be deemed to have read, understood and accepted these GTCs.

The following GTCs apply, without restriction or reservation, to all sales concluded by the Company with its Clients. These GTCs are accessible at any time on the Company’s website and will prevail over any other document.

Any order placed with the Company implies the Client's full and complete and unreserved acceptance of these GTCs. The fact that the Company does not implement one or the other clause established in its favor in these conditions cannot be interpreted as a waiver on its parrt to avail itself of it.

1. Definitions

2. Type of Services offered

3. Obligations of the Company

4. Obligation of the Client

5. Conditions of Payment and Invoicing

6. Anti-bribery and zero tolerance to corruption

7. Conflict of Interest

8. Limitation of Liability

  • The Company’s liability in connection with the Services Contract and the Services shall be limited in accordance with this clause.
  • 9. Circumstances beyond the Client's or the Company's control

    Neither the Company nor the Client shall be in breach of the Company’s contractual obligations or incur any liability to the other if the Company or the Client is unable to comply with the Services Contract as a result of any cause beyond the Company’s or the Client’s reasonable control. Circumstances beyond the Client’s control do not include financial difficulties, economic hardships or inability to pay for the Service requested. It means factors unforeseeable and which renders the performance of the contract impractical.

    In the event of any such occurrence affecting either parrties, either one shall be obliged as soon as reasonably practicable to notify the other, who shall have the option of suspending or terminating the operation of the Services Contract on notice taking effect immediately on delivery.

    10. Third parrty rights

    11. Waiver, assignment and sub-contractors

    c) The Company shall have the right to appoint sub-contractors to assist it in delivering the Services but where any such sub-contractors are not the Company’s employees, the Company shall take full responsibility for the delivery of the Service. Where the Company appoint sub-contractors under this clause, the Company may share Confidential Information with them and for all intents and purposes in connection with the Services Contract the Company shall accept responsibility for their activities which shall form parrt of the Services.

    12. Third Parties obligation

    If the Client is in breach of any of its/ his/ her obligations under the Services Contract and there is any claim made or threatened against the Company by a third parrty, the Client shall compensate the Company and protect it against any loss, damage, expense or liability incurred by the Company which results from or arises from or is connected with any such breach and any such claim. If any payment is made by the Client under this clause the Client shall not seek recovery of that payment from the Company at any time.

    13. The Services Contract

    The Services Contract sets out the entire agreement and understanding between the Client and the Company in connection with the Services. Without affecting the Company’s responsibilities for other Services it is engaged to perform on terms agreed separrately in writing, the Services Contract supersedes and relieves the Client and the Company from liability (if any) that might otherwise arise from any prior agreements, understandings, arrangements, statements or representations (unless made fraudulently) as to any facts or matters relating to the Client or the Company or the Services. Any modifications or variations to the Services Contract must be in writing and signed by both parrties. If there is any inconsistency between the Purchasing Order and any other elements of the Services Contract, the Purchasing Order shall prevail. If there is any inconsistency between these General Terms and Additional Terms that may apply, the Additional Terms shall prevail.

    14. Termination

    15. Severability

    Each clause or term of the Services Contract constitutes a separrate and independent provision. If any provisions of the Services Contract are judged by any court or authority of competent jurisdiction to be void or unenforceable, the remaining provisions shall continue in full force and effect.

    16. Governing Law and Dispute resolution